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Lycian Way

The Lycian

About Lycia can tell you much because it is geographically and historically important region. In the area between Antalya and Fethiye are the oldest settlements of the Lycians. Even after thousands of years are now the remains of impressive architecture.

In recent times, has become particularly interesting and Lycia, famous for the first time by Kate Clow described Lycian Way.

The trail is 509 kilometers long and is one of the most beautiful in the world. He starts in Fethiye, Oludeniz and usually leads to the sea along to Phaselis. The road connects all the ancient Lycian sites together and runs to some 3000 years ago the existing paths.

Kekova - Üçağız located in the center of the trail.
Visit Kılıçlı, Boğazcık Koy, Apolonia and Aperlai throughout the area. You will delight in Aperlai the harmony between the Antiquity and the sea.

And if you visit on Hoyran the ancient city, located on top of the mountain, you Kekova is the breathtaking - panoramic feet.

You will will cover the traveling passion, once you get to know all the beauty that reveals to you either way. After wandering Istlada means unique valleys and ruins to have effect on you. Burç Kalesi and Gökkaya are something else again.

You'll be surprised how you will get lost in nature. Their paths are mostly through scrub with olive, carob and sandalwood trees are especially beautiful to look at. In addition, you will encounter many sources on the roadside in order to refresh them.

Not only the Lycian way is a whole experience, and each stage has its own charm, including the surrounding Üçağız.


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