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Walking Routes

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Walking Routes

Üçağız-Kekova are is superb for walking fans.There area many varied walks.One could walk to Tyberissus (olso knovn as“Ruins of Tırmısın-Çevreli) and play with time.Actually time may not be enough for you here.
Walking from Tyberissus watching Üçağı Villace,the Castle,coves,island and the sea which looks like a river or a lake sometimes,makes one feel like in a timeles world.
Visiting Tırmısın Villace you could return to Üçağız,walking through the ruins,wich are like hidden and for your eyes to see only.
You can try Apolania and Aperlae.You will enjoy walking through olive,currup and strawbers trees,smelling a variety of local herbs.
You will be delighted by the hormony of Aperlae with the torqoise sea.It will make you feel privileged to witness the richness of nature and history.You will be surprised by the wiev
Of a lake,wich you will soon realise is the horbor of Üçağız.
You may get addidet here,as all the routes showw different characteristics and beauties.To walk to Hayıtlı means to walk to unigue valleys,coves and antiqities.The covas of Üçağız,the
Castle and Gökkaya Cove offer very different sceneries.Ruins of Hayıtlı would surprise when you felt lost in untouched nature.

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